Alone for the Holidays? 6 Ways to Add Spirit To Christmas and Beyond.

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The holidays can be especially difficult for those spending them alone if you aren’t equipped to handle them. We’re here to remind you that these times also offer a wealth of opportunity to reach out and celebrate the gifts of the season not only with yourself (which can truly be a gift of its own), but also the community around you.


  1. Keep busy. Remember that list of books you said you’d read? Want to catch up on Downton Abbey? Now is a great time to snuggle in and keep your mind occupied with something truly captivating. What you are trying to avoid here are long moments of boredom, which make anyone a little stir-crazy, especially over the holidays.
  2. Think of time as a gift. Every moment has the potential to be a gift, so use it wisely. If you are faced findviagrapills – on this web with several hours or days to yourself, think of the things you have always wanted to do but never had time for. Do one. Do three. It could be that tackling one of the items on your Bucket List will give you enough momentum to embrace the New Year’s Resolutions you’ll be making in a few days.
  3. Know your energy source. Extroverts get their energy from others, and if you’re one of them, start reaching out to others and scheduling coffee, lunch, and dinner dates. Or volunteer at local shelters, where your presence and kind words will undoubtedly lift the spirits of another, and thereby warm your own. If you are introverted, start channeling your inner peace by journaling, writing letters to loved ones, and taking time to sink in to the person that is you.
  4. Make connections. Even if you are normally shy in social situations, there are many ways to reach out to people these days (chatting over the internet, messaging over Facebook, Skype, etc.) that will let you embrace your inner charm while still navigating the social scene.
  5. Accept the invitation. If you are nervous about attending an event alone, take heart—you are likely not the only one in that situation. Invitations are gifts; they could present you with a lifelong connection you wouldn’t ordinarily come across. Accept them as the adventure that they are and, even if you are bored stiff, you’ll at least be fed and warm and even more appreciative of the life you know at home.
  6. VOLUNTEER. It’s worth repeating, and repeating in all caps. Local food banks and shelters are short-staffed during the holidays, which is unfortunate, because that’s when demand tends to be the greatest. Volunteering is the gift that keeps on giving. Now is a great time to start a beautiful ripple effect that has endless positive possibilities.


No matter what you believe this season, it’s important to be open to the possibilities of the holidays. There are opportunities every day—not just Christmas—to help someone in need, give a smile to someone who could use one (which is practically everybody), and reach out to old and new friends. This season—and your life—already contains a fair bit of magic. It’s up to you to tap into it.