10 Reasons To Be Grateful You Are In An Oakleaf Apartment This Holiday Season

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While there are many great reasons to live in Oakleaf apartment communities, the holiday season brings attention to some especially important ones. Whether this is your first Thanksgiving in your apartment or the seventh, we hope you agree there’s no place you’d rather be this holiday season.

Here’s our list of holiday apartment perks. Feel free to add to it in the comments below!

• You don’t have to shovel sidewalks.
• You can save postage by giving your neighbors your holiday greetings in person.
• Hanging Christmas lights on your balcony is so much easier to do than hanging them on the gables of a house.
• Even if you don’t hang lights, you can enjoy the ones your neighbors put up—without going anywhere.
• Community holiday parties. Who can turn down free cookies—especially when they are right down the hall?
• Did your garbage disposal stop working right when you needed it? Toilet overflow? When any number of maintenance challenges interrupts your holiday preparations, celebrate the fact that you don’t have to fix things when they break. Put your feet up and call the management office.
• You don’t have to shovel sidewalks. It’s worth repeating.
• Deck the halls. Literally. If you live in a community with an interior corridor, add a festive wreath to your door. If this is the extent of your decorating, no one will be any the wiser.
• You don’t need to prepare a whole house for guests. In fact, if your apartment is cozy, you won’t have to host guests at all.
• Small apartments work in your favor for another reason. It doesn’t take long for a small space to feel like it’s bursting at the seams with loved ones, and that—for a time—can be a very lovely thing.

Oakleaf Property Management is thankful for each and every one of our residents. Thank you for making our communities your home!