13 Halloween Safety Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

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The leaves are turning color, the days are getting shorter, and weather is deliciously crisp—all signs that Halloween is right around the corner. Let’s make this year’s candy holiday as safe and as enjoyable for everyone with these 13 Halloween safety tips.


  1. Even though Halloween falls on a Friday this year, you can still expect trick-or-treating to extend from 5:30pm to 9:30pm. Please use this guideline out of consideration for those on both sides of the candy.

  2. Wear reflective surfaces. Trick or treating typically happens at dusk, when visibility can often be limited. Make sure your trick-or-treaters are visible to cars by adding reflective tape to costumes or trick or treat bags.

  3. Get creative with costumes without adding additional accessories, bulk, or trip hazards. Masks can obstruct a child’s vision; if using, make sure to compensate with extra caution. Do a trial run of all Halloween costumes to make sure the fun-to-falling ratio is where it needs to be.

  4. Always use sidewalks. When a sidewalk isn’t available, walk on the left side of the road so that you can always face oncoming traffic. And make sure you have properly followed #2 to ensure increased visibility.

  5. Unplug. After taking the pictures you want of everyone in costume, put your phone away so you can properly observe traffic rules, dark corners, and street surfaces.

  6. While the above is great advice for those looking for candy, it’s even more important for those driving in the neighborhoods on Halloween. Children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car on Halloween than any time of year. Take extra precautions; turn your headlights on earlier than you would normally, drive slowly, and adhere to the same advice as #5: unplug.

  7. Carving a pumpkin? In addition to exercising care when wielding your knife, consider using a glow stick or a battery-operated tea light instead of an open flame candle to avoid accidental fires and burns.

  8. Only trick or treat at homes where the porch light is on (additionally, if you don’t wish to entertain trick-or-treaters, consider turning your light off).

  9. All candy should be inspected before eating it. Homemade items should come from trusted sources. To avoid stomachaches and over-indulging, make sure to eat a good meal prior to trick-or-treating, and ration out the candy over the following weeks.

  10. Consider offering fun treats instead of sugar at your door. We’re not saying you should have toothbrushes, but glow sticks, fun pencils, and spider rings are a great alternative to cavities and sugar rushes.

  11. Try not to trip your trick-or-treaters (then say that ten times fast)! Keep walking areas and stairs well lit and free of obstacles that could result in falls. P.S. This is a good rule of thumb all year round.

  12. Get comfortable; this is going to be a busy night of ghoulish guests. Avoid the exhaustion of running to the door every two minutes by setting up a treat table and chair near the door.

  13. Finally, don’t forget about your four-legged friend. They may be the king/queen of the castle every other day of the year, but it would be best for everyone if they remained in a separate room until trick or treating is done. This will keep trick-or-treaters safe from accidental scratches or being jumped on & will save you the stress of your pet escaping during all of the excitement.


Find more great Halloween safety tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Have a safe Halloween from all of us at Oakleaf!