3 Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Apartment Home

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With so many variables—cost, location, size, amenities, services—finding the right apartment home is hard. For many people, their apartment is the launch pad for their life; it allows them close proximity to family, friends, and work while allowing them to maintain expenses and an active social calendar. It’s safe to say that when you find the right apartment, you want to keep it as long as possible.


There are times, however, when you could be at risk of losing your apartment, or worse, never finding it in the first place.


  1. Failing to pay rent. The primary rule of renting is that you must continue to pay if you wish to continue to stay. If your payment will be late, keep the management office posted; your communication will go a long way in re-establishing yourself as a thoughtful, responsible resident. Use your funds responsibly, and make sure to pay for your home first.
  2. Failing to re-qualify. Of course, there is more to a rental agreement than an exchange of a home for a set monthly fee. Every apartment community has rules and expectations with regard to tenant behavior. Some of those rules are about respecting the quiet rights of the surrounding apartments. Other rules may dictate that re-evaluation paperwork must be submitted each year so that residents can renew their lease agreement. Whatever the rules, live by them honestly.
  3. Failing to apply in the first place. This is perhaps the biggest mistake to avoid—failing to realize affordable and subsidized housing is not only possible, but also available in areas you want to live, work, and thrive. If you are in the market for housing and are not sure what programs you are qualified for, apply anyway. Property management staffs, like the ones at Oakleaf, are specifically trained to help get you the assistance you need from the programs that are available.


Whether home is where the heart is or where the mail goes, one thing for sure is that there is no place like it. Should you ever have questions or concerns about your apartment or how to find one, your friendly Oakleaf Property Management Staff is here to help.