7 Ways to Beat the Heat and Thrive This Summer

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Last month we talked about how to keep your apartment cool during these hot summer months. This month we’re going to give you some tips on how to stay cool whether you stay in your apartment or are out exploring our local communities. Read both articles and this could be your most comfortable summer yet.


With heat-related illnesses threatening—and sometimes taking—the lives of hundreds of people each year, staying cool isn’t just nice; it’s necessary. Use these tips to make the most of the heat, and your health.


  • If you remember one thing from this list, let it be this: Stay hydrated. Drinking water is the best way to avoid heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and dehydration. If sipping water isn’t possible, eat cold fruit, enjoy a Popsicle, or suck on ice cubes.
  • Eat small meals throughout the day. Smaller portions are less taxing on your body and can help keep your body temperature at an even keel.
  • Apply cold water to your pulse points. This includes your wrists, your neck, elbows and knees. A cold washcloth on a pulse point will provide relief as well as fight heat-related grogginess.
  • If nights have you hot and bothered, try this tip: Freeze your sheets. Placing your sheets and pillowcases in the freezer for a few hours before you make the bed (and climb into it) can give you the crisp, cool relief you crave.
  • Fill a spray bottle with chilled water. Mist exposed skin liberally. As the water evaporates, it will naturally cool you down.
  • Cool and lukewarm baths and showers can increase your comfort and lower your body temperature gently.
  • Go natural. Natural fabrics, that is. Cotton and linen fabrics allow air to pass easily through them, making them perfect for summer attire. Steer clear of synthetic fabrics like polyester, as they will tend to hold the heat close to your skin.


We want you to thrive this summer. Thank you for choosing Oakleaf properties as your home!