What Do Service Coordinators Do?
This unique and FREE program is designed to promote and support self sufficiency and independence for those living in Oakleaf’s apartment communities. Service Coordinators are the facilitators for a variety of support services available within the community. They also evaluate, refer, and monitor service delivery for individual residents.  Service Coordinators serve as advocates for our residents and empower residents to be proactive and involved in the activities and events that take place within their community.

Program Benefits…
Community Residents
+ Free Service Coordination
= Exceptional Benefits

Peace of Mind
You or your family member will enjoy the added security and support of a Service Coordinator who ensures that  needs are being conveniently met.

Be Self Sufficient! You or your family member can live self sufficiently, longer with the supportive services.

Savings – Affordable Living
Communities with Service Coordinators are a more affordable option than most assisted living or long term care facilities. This can, at times, amount to thousands of dollars in savings.

One-on-One Professional Support
The Service Coordinator program allows our professional staff to focus on the “quality of  life” desired by every individual community member who choose to participate.

Apartment communities with the Service Coordinator Program help residents get access to many optional programs and services; participation is voluntary;  allowing residents to control and customize their community involvement to fit their needs. Services may include, but are not limited to coordination of:

– Transportation to special events, medical appointments, malls, banks, pharmacies, and hospitals
– Noon meal programs
– Legal and financial services
– On-site supportive services
– On-site library
– Grocery services
– Increased interaction and participation in community life
– Strengthen management-resident relationships
– Expand the understanding of resident’s capabilities and need for outside agencies
– Referrals for counseling
– Wellness and recreational activities

Effective Family Communication
Apartment communities with the Service Coordinator Program help families in providing a single point of contact for overall information on their loved one.

Service Coordinators Can Also Assist By:
– Offering support and informed professional advice on assistance/services a resident may need now or in the future.
– Keeping families informed of changes in a residents physical and mental situation.
– Educating families about community services being provided to your loved one.
– Acting as a liaison to local service providers for relatives living far away.

Where Do the Funds Come From?

The Service Coordinator Program is made possible by the collaborative efforts of the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Oakleaf Property Management.

How to Qualify for the FREE  Service Coordinator Program?
You simply have to live within one of the Oakleaf’s communities. We also reach out to the surrounding community.

It’s that Easy! Call Us Today! 1-877-521-8750

All of Oakleaf Property Management’s Service Coordinators have been trained by and belong to the American Association of Service Coordinator.

More About the Service Coordinator Program

The Service Coordinator Program provided by HUD provides funding for the employment of Service Coordinators in insured and assisted housing developments that are designed for the elderly and persons with disabilities. A service coordinator is a social service staff person hired or contracted by the development’s owner or Management Company. The coordinator is responsible for assuring that elderly residents, especially those who are frail or at risk, and those non-elderly residents with disabilities are linked to the specific supportive services they need to continue living independently in that development.

Service Coordinators work toward educating residents on available services and monitor provisions of services. They work in conjunction with the manager(s) and other management staff of the facility.

The Service Coordinator does not support services directly, or assist with other administrative work normally associated with the project(s). Their role is NOT one of an activity director; however, educational programming that empowers and enhances resident independence is common.

To get more information of the HUD Service Coordinator program Click Here.

American Association of Service Coordinators 
The American Association of Service Coordinators is a national not-for-profit member association created in the fall of 1999 to represent the resident service coordinator profession. Members serve the elderly, people with disabilities and low income families living within affordable rental housing and the surrounding community. Service coordinators assist elderly residents in identifying, locating and acquiring the services necessary for them to remain independent and help families achieve self sufficiency and economic independence.
Members consist of individual service coordinators; public housing authorities, state housing finance agencies, community action agencies, housing providers, owners, developers, management companies as well as for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and companies who provide products and or services to residents. To get more information on the American Association of Service Coordinators Click Here.

General Assignments of a Service Coordinator
·  Assists and advises residents and families of any services which may be necessary to maintain a self-reliant lifestyle
·  Promotes wellness activities for all residents
·  Educates residents, families, and staff on available community resources
·  Assists residents in building informal support networks among themselves and with family members
·  Acts as a liaison between community agencies, service providers, and residents
·  Works as a team member with Resident Manager(s) in serving project residents (follows up on resident situations the manager(s) believe may need supportive services)
·  Encourages residents to be proactive in meeting their social, psychological, and physical needs.
·  Facilitates meeting of needs when necessary, but avoids the creation of unhealthy dependence.
·  Uses the least drastic intervention necessary to alleviate a problem situation.
·  May assist residents or coordinate training for residents in understanding lease and tenancy obligations

Specific Assignments of a Service Coordinator
·  Monitors the delivery of services to residents to ensure they are appropriate, timely, and satisfactory. May also manage such services when appropriate
·  Performs service management function for all residents needing assistance
·  Provides limited case management (i.e., evaluation of social, psychological and physical needs and the development of a service plan) for a resident when such service is not being provided by the general service community
·  Educates residents on service availability, application procedures, residents rights, etc. both individually and as a group
·  Reports all suspected abuse situations to the appropriate agency
·  Sets up volunteer support programs with service organizations in the community
·  Advocates and may negotiate on behalf of residents for adequate, timely and cost effective provision of services
·  Meets with service providers as needed and appropriate
·  Assembles a directory of community services and makes it available to residents, families, and management
·  Assists management in identifying residents who need assistance
·  (A Special Note): the service coordinator is NOT to provide support services directly, or assist with other administrative work normally associated with the project(s). Additionally, their role is NOT one of an activity director; however, educational programming that empowers and enhances resident independence is appropriate.